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Pardot x Cleverstory
Pardot x Cleverstory

This article will help you integrate Pardot to Cleverstory, and also help you bring in Forms from Pardot.

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With the Pardot integration, you can now achieve three things with this integration on Cleverstory:

  • Send leads from Cleverstory directly into Pardot, ensuring a seamless lead management process.

  • Sync Events.

  • Integrate Pardot forms seamlessly into Cleverstory using the Form widget inside your Storyboards for easy data capture.

Now, let's dive into the Steps to set this integration up and the steps to paste the Submission code for Pardot Forms.

> Log into your Cleverstory account and then Click on the 'Workspace Settings' and further navigate to 'Integration'.

> Choose Pardot and Authenticate the Integration with the Pardot Business Unit ID.

> Now the Sync events will be enabled which will bring the data into pardot seamlessly, which can be enabled as show in the above screenshot.

> Now moving on to the steps for pasting the Submission code for Pardot Forms - Log into your Pardot account.

> Navigate to the 'Content' Tab.

> Scroll down to see and choose the form you selected here in Cleverstory.

> Click the desired form.

> Here, click 'Edit Form'.

> Now, navigate to step 4, 'Completion Actions'.

> Under the 'Thank You Content' tab, enter the submission message you want.

> Navigate to the 'Thank You Code' tab, and paste the code that was copied from Cleverstory.

> Hit 'Save & Close'.

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