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Hubspot Forms on Cleverstory
Hubspot Forms on Cleverstory

Learn how to integrate Hubspot and bring in your lead generation forms on Cleverstory

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Hubspot forms are external forms that can be used within Cleverstory for lead generation by simply integrating your Hubspot forms within the application. Forms that are externally created on Hubspot can be added to your Cleverstory pages as well. All you have to do is Integrate hubspot with Cleverstory and bring in the forms from Hubspot into your Cleverstory account.

Here’s how you can integrate your Hubspot forms with Cleverstory.

Once you’re sure of the forms to pull into Cleverstory, log in to your Cleverstory account at and head to Settings present on the top.

In the settings window, under the Integrations option, select Hubspot.

Click on Authenticate to start activating the integration.

Note: Ensure you’re logged into your Hubspot account to ease up the process.

Once you’re logged in and the activation is complete, next we will bring your hubspot forms to your Cleverstory account.

Here’s how you can configure your external forms.

Head to Form Management under the Settings tab, click on the Create a Form option and choose Hubspot in the right corner.

Select the form you want to use on your pages and click on Save Changes.

Note: Only one form can be added at a time.

You can then Test the Code by adding your details and checking your Hubspot account for the leads generated.

Once everything is set, click on Done.

These forms will be available in the element palette under Forms > Hubspot.

You’re all sorted with Hubspot forms on Cleverstory.

If you still have any queries, reach out to and we’ll be happy to help.

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