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Live Elements on Cleverstory
Live Elements on Cleverstory
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A Live Element is an element that you can reuse in a storyboard. Any element on the page can be marked as a live element and can be reused anywhere without having to build it over and over again. For example, a header, footer, a particular image etc., can be used as a Live element.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make a Live element and where can you find all your live elements.

How to make a Live Element?

> To begin with select the element that you want to mark as a Live element. Click on the Live element icon present on the toolbar over the element.

> Once you click, a pop-up will appear explaining the feature. Click on Confirm once you are sure.

Your element has been made Live. It will now be available across all the storyboards in your workspace.

Where can you find your Live Elements?

> Next step is to find your Live elements. Click on the + icon on the top left to access the element palette. Head to the Live Elements option.

> All the Live Elements added will be available here. Choose the Live element you wish to add to the page and you’re all set.

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