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Customizing URL's on Cleverstory
Customizing URL's on Cleverstory
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Every storyboard and every page on Cleverstory can have its own custom URL.

In this article, we’ll see how to customize the URL on a Storyboard and a page.

Customizing Storyboard URL:

> Log in to your Cleverstory account and open the Storyboard you want to update the URL for.

> On the top header, click on the dropdown under the storyboard’s name and choose the Storyboard settings.

> In the Storyboard settings window, head to Site settings and update your URL under the Site URL as your desire. Don’t forget to Save Changes.

Note: Ensure you don’t remove the ”/” icon that appears before the updated URL.

Once you have saved your changes, Cleverstory will automatically update the URL of your storyboard.

Customizing Page URL:

> Open the storyboard you want to change the page URLs for and click on the Page Settings option in the top left corner.

> Choose the respective page you want to change the URL for. Under the Page Name option, you can name the page and there are 2 ways to generate the Page URL:

  • Automatic: If the Auto generate alias option is chosen, you will get an automatically generated URL.

  • Manual: If you wish to have a specific Slug for the pages, you can disable the auto generate option and manually add the text.

> Don’t forget to Save Changes once you have renamed your pages.

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