How to use Text Themes?

Learn how to use Text themes for easy and efficient styling.

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Text Themes functionality, allows users to quickly and easily apply pre-designed text styles to their content such as fonts, sizes, and formatting options, that can be applied to their content with just a few clicks.

This allows users to create visually appealing content that is consistent with their brand and messaging guidelines, without the need for extensive design skills or expertise.

Here’s how you can use Text themes on Cleverstory:

> Click on the + icon on the top left to access the element palette that allows you to add a Text Box to the page. Head to the Text option and add it to the page.

> Once you add a text box, simply select the text you want to style and click on Format Text. You can customize the text as per your preference with fonts, colour, size and other formatting options. There are multiple font sizes (from H1 to H6) available and multiple text formatting options for you to choose from, say alignment, font, colour and font size.

> After customizing your text, you can choose the Save Theme option to apply all the changes on your present texts and all the text boxes with the same theme that you’ll be adding.

> If you wish to change the theme, simply select the text you want to style and click on Format Text. Then choose the desired theme from the available options and reapply the font changes. The Save Theme option will be available again to overlap the changes.

Note: If you choose a theme, the text formatting is reverted to the default form.

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