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Using Animations on Cleverstory
Using Animations on Cleverstory
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Animation is a key feature of Cleverstory, an innovative tool for creating engaging and interactive digital stories. It allows you to bring your stories to life by adding movement and visual effects to text, images, and other elements.

In this article, we will discuss how animation works on cleverstory and how you can use it to enhance your pages.

Animations can be used to highlight important elements or to add a touch of visual interest. Whether you are a seasoned animator or just starting out, cleverstory makes it easy to add animation to your digital stories and share them with the world.

How to Use Animation on Cleverstory?

> To begin with animation, the first step to adding animation to your cleverstory page is to Select the element you want to animate. This could be a piece of text, an image, or any other element in your story.

> Once you have selected the element, you can choose from the available animation effects - Fade, Slide, Spin, and Parallax. Simply click on the animation tab in the element's settings and select the desired effect.

> Next, you can customize the animation settings to suit your specific needs. This includes adjusting the duration, direction, easing, and timing of the animation.

Before you publish your page, it's a good idea to preview the animation to make sure it looks the way you want it to. You can do this by clicking the preview button on the right corner of the cleverstory editor.

Note: Ensure you Save Changes before Previewing to view the latest changes on your page.

When you are happy with your animation, you can publish your page and share it with others. The animations will be automatically played when your story is viewed, giving your audience a dynamic and engaging experience.

Animation can be added to multiple elements on a page to make it more engaging.

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