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User Management
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As the admin, your account is equipped with the entirety of Cleverstory’s features.

This includes inviting new users onto the platform, creating multiple storyboards, viewing reports, and website settings.

In this article, you will learn how to :

  1. Invite a new user

  2. Change user roles

  3. Deactivate a user

Inviting a new user

Before inviting users onto the platform, here are the different user roles and their access permissions:

  1. Administrator: Has full access to manage the workspace, reports and storyboard creation and all the features of Cleverstory

  2. Content Designer: Can edit storyboards and save changes to a storyboard but will not be able to create storyboards or publish any changes that have been made.

  3. Content Publisher: Has access to manage, create, edit and publish storyboards. The content publisher will also have access to the reports for the storyboard as well. However, content publishers do not have workspace management permissions.

Step 1

To invite a new user, head to Settings present on the top of the page next to Storyboards.

Once you’re in the tab, you will be directed to the User Management section automatically.

Step 2:

Once you are in the User Management tab, on the right side, click on Invite User and enter the email address.

Step 3:

Choose the necessary access permissions to be provisioned to the user and click Invite User now.

Once the user is invited, you will find the Invite under the Invitations tab.

Changing the roles of a user

To modify a user's role, head to the Users tab and click on Change roles next to the respective user’s name.

The button will direct you to a popup where you can choose the necessary access levels to be provisioned to the user and then Save changes.

Voila! You’re sorted with the roles and permissions!

Deactivating a user

To deactivate a user, choose the Deactivate option alongside the user’s name and confirm the Deactivation.

You can always reactivate a user’s account within the same settings.

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