Storyboard settings help you add users, assign their roles, manage the storyboard’s media library, and site settings and view reports.


The owner of a particular storyboard can collaborate with other users by going into “Roles & Permissions” and clicking on “Collaborate Users”. Collaborators can have owner, editor or reader access.

Don’t forget to click the “Save changes” post adding collaborators and assigning access to them!


While you’re creating that masterpiece of a storyboard, wouldn’t it be really helpful to have a library that saves all the images and icons that you’re using? “Media Library” does just that for you! All the images, videos and icons that you use in the process of creating a storyboard are automatically stored in the media library. You also have the option to manually upload media into the library for later use in your storyboard.


Within site settings, you will be able to specify the name and URL of the storyboard, along with the favicon, and a thumbnail for social media sharing.

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