As the admin, your account is equipped with the entirety of Cleverstory’s features. This includes inviting a new user onto the platform, creating multiple storyboards, viewing reports and website settings.

Before inviting users onto the platform, the user-level access options are as follows :

  1. Administrator: The administrator has full access to the workspace management. The administrator will have access to reports and will also be able to create multiple storyboards within the platform.

2. Content Designer: The content designer can edit storyboards but will not be able to create storyboards. The content designer can edit and save changes to a storyboard but will not be able to create storyboards or publish any changes that have been made.

3. Content Publisher: Has access to manage, edit and publish storyboards.

Has access to create storyboards as well as edit and publish the storyboards. The content publisher will also have access to the reports for the storyboard as well.

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