Step 1

Login to Cleverstory with your credentials at and once you are logged into the platform, click on 'Journey'

Step 2:

In the 'Journey' tab, click on the '+' to Create new journey.

Step 3:

Once a New Journey opens up, rename the 'Untitled' to your desired journey name (In this case, this sample journey name is Product Webinar Series) and save the changes.

Step 4:

Now prepare to sequence the content on how you want the user to read them. The 'Start' gives you the source asset (Asset A). If the audience get to view this Asset A in Cleverstory, you can sequence the next asset (Asset B) that they would want to read.

In this case, it need not be an asset per se; It can even be a cluster. The audience who reads Asset A, can be subjected to read any of the assets in the cluster that you can plan as a journey for them.

You can plan on initiating as many journeys as you want based on the assets and audience thereby making your assets micro binge-worthy.

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