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What are Content Cards ?
What are Content Cards ?

Learn what is meant by a Content-Card or Asset-Card and the various types of cards that you can use to build a page

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A Content -Card is the most important widget for a page. Your content (assets) can be inserted within the page in form various widgets. You can insert assets of any file type within these content cards.

You can access all these content cards under pages, when you are building a page.

As soon as you enter the page editor, you will see an element button like this:

Once you click on the 'Elements' button, the entire dash of elements will open up and the second section is 'Content Cards'

There are many types of content cards available within Cleverstory that can be used based on the requirement.

Carousel Card : A Carousel Card is the one which displays an image of an asset, the title and the description prominently and the best part about it is; the entire card can be made scroll-able.

For instance, if you have 3 pieces of assets that need to positioned in the same card, and all the three assets can be accessed by clicking next within the same card.

Where can it be used?

Carousel’s are majorly used to showcase the important, note-worthy updates or new and upcoming releases of the company .

Editors Pick : An 'Editors Pick' content card is a nifty template that includes the thumbnail image, and just the title. This template makes the image and the thumbnail stand out.

Where can it be used?

Editors Pick is choice of template, if the content needs a trustworthy push. For instance, if there is a new piece of content that needs a credible backing, then this template would work as the it's the pick from the editors themselves. The term “EDITORS PICK” would be present on top of the card.

Featured Publication : This is a pretty detailed content card as it includes the thumbnail image, title, author details, date of creation, no. of pages(in case of PDFs, PPTs), duration (in case of videos) and finally, the description of the asset. In this template, the title, description and other details are on top and the Image alone stands in the bottom of the asset card with a 'Featured Publication' highlighted over the card.

Where can it be used?

Featured publication is a straightforward template that can be used when you would like to promote an asset within the page. The name in itself gives the importance that you are giving for that asset while urging the audience to consume them on priority,

There are many more templates and we highly recommend you try them out and choose the one that works the best for you.

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